Happily cooking for Central Alberta

We are excited to be offering 3 levels of cooking classes.

Class will take place the first 3 weeks of each month.

Please email with your month and class level eg. May level 2

Please contact for any other questions.

The Basics(1)- $150.00 for 3 classes

This class is for the kitchen novice. You will receive instruction on proper knife care and safety. Also you will learn a little bit of basic food handling tips to keep you healthy and your food tasty.

Our purpose in teaching this class is to give the knowledge and skills to prepare tasty and easy meals that fit your budget. On top of that, the meal will be wholesome and good for you.

Any recipies you learn are yours to take home. Keep them for yourself or share with friends.

 **this class runs Tuesday 1pm-2:30pm**    



Some Skills(2)- $180.00 for 3 classes

In this class you will learn some finer points of cookery. The in's and out's of some of the meals we love and are accustomed to today. From good old fried style chicken to pan fried fish. This class will take your Basic knowledge cookery and take uncomplicated tips and tricks to make you look like a master. To either your date, or a group of friends there will be smiles and full bellies all around. The recipies you get in this class are yours to keep. We encourage you to continue to use them and share with your friends.

**this class runs Thursdays 1pm-2:30pm**


Show It Off(3)- $225.00 for 3 classes

Are you someone with obvious skill in the kitchen? Have you ever wanted to wow someone with a high end meal without having to pay a rediculous menu price? If the answers to these questions are yes, we highly recommend you take this class. This class will teach you some high end recipies that wont break your bank, and are not too common in Central Alberta. You will be able to blow the socks off  any one you feed these recipies to. We recommend that you take home the recipies you learn here and tweek them to make them your own. Hopefully you can rise up and make this a passion of your own.

**this class runs Thursdays 6pm-8:30pm**


Kid's Cookery(K)-$35.00 per child per class

This is a class for the kid who loves food. Many children want to help in the kitchen.  This class will give children a chance to wow their family with healthful snacks and easily prepared meals. It will also give them a working knowledge of the kitchen and teaches them safety and cleanliness.

**this class will run every Monday  9:30-11am**